Prince Fielder’s flop fractured Fenway


Jubilation for the Red Sox American League championship Saturday night turned to concern for their venerable old stadium. Officials are worried that Fenway Park will not be ready for Wednesday night’s opening game of the 2013 World Series due to damages caused when Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder performed a belly flop near third-base during the game. (

“Engineers have been studying the damage and construction workers have been working around-the-clock,” Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington told reporters. “The greatest challenge comes from repairing the Green Monster, which suffered a significant crack above the scoreboard. I’m pretty sure we’ll just have to putty that up to get by for the next couple of weeks.”

Outgoing Tigers manager Jim Leyland was not surprised by these developments. “I knew Prince must have landed pretty hard. He woke me up from my traditional 6th inning nap.”

As for Fielder, many believed he would make a big impression on the American League Championship Series. To some degree, those people were right. Red Sox officials are shipping in enough dirt to fill a small crater on the Fenway infield just in front of third base. Meanwhile, Prince’s off-season begins with an offer to join the cast of the television show “Human Wrecking Balls”.

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