VIDEO: “How to lose to an FCS team in 1 play” by the Florida Gators


On Saturday, the Florida Gators took their trainwreck of a football season to a level of disaster we’ve probably never seen before (outside of a Michael Bay movie where lots of things go boom).

We’re not talking about losing to a team that didn’t complete a single pass the entire game (Georgia Southern QB Kevin Ellison finished 0 for 3 for 0 yards. The entire game. Seriously. You completed as many passes as he did.).

We’re not talking about losing to a team that had never beaten an FBS (Division 1 if you prefer the names that don’t sound like a variation irritable bowl syndrome) team in it’s entire history.

Oh no. We’re talking about something much, much, much (there’s not even enough room for the proper amount of the word much) worse/funnier.

We’re talking about this:

First of all, may the guy at the 2 yard line rest in peace.

Secondly, yes, two Gator players actually blocked each other. And didn’t even last for a second or two. They actually held the block:

(Video via

But really, nice technique boys.

This team faces the Florida State Seminoles Saturday. You know what happens when bugs hit your windshield when you’re going 85 on the interstate? Yeah, it’s going to look a lot like that. #messy


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