Top 10 funniest alternate versions of Florida State’s new logo


For reasons that possibly even the school itself doesn’t even know, Florida State has decided to change their Seminole logo to what you see above.  The guy either looks constipated or that he’s…well…doing the opposite of going. And needless to say, most people were not a fan, especially fans of the school.

Here’s a comparison of the old logo and the new…whatever that is.


Well it’s more…efficient with FSU instead of Florida State? Yeah…we’ll go with that. Efficient.

Your thoughts on your replacement old logo?


(Pic via @eol09)

Poor old logo, helps win Florida State a 3rd title and then gets kicked to the curb.

Naturally with this kind of reaction there were going to be memes. And there were plenty of good ones. We’ve found and ranked the #NOTSCTop10 funniest alternate versions of Florida State’s new logo. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom). There’s all kinds of Florida State people as the logo, and a few special guests.

10. @shannonpostrion


Doesn’t look all that much different.

Looks like their fans during the Florida State fight song.

Perhaps this is the second face the logo makes after…well, you know.

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