The 10 funniest Florida State/Auburn #GamedaySigns


In the spirit of the Florida State-Auburn title game, here are 10 funny gameday signs from this past season that involved Florida State or Auburn. (What were you expecting, Alabama? Shouldn’t have lost man.)

They aren’t really in order, but there’s 5 from or about each team. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.


In the bottom left is something an Auburn fan will probably need after tonight.


Of course if your conference starts with the letters S-E-C, you probably don’t believe that.

How many S-E-C chants does it take to beat a team that’s won every game by 14+? Guess we’ll find out.

(UPDATE: Apparently they didn’t have enough, and they definitely need a hug now. 18 point lead? Then lost? Ouch.)

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