Game of Thrones NBA spoofs: Game of Zones video and pics


Here’s something you may have heard before: Game of Thrones is hugely popular show on TV. It’s also a hugely popular series of books, but not as much as the show, mostly because the average person struggles with that whole reading thing.

Well the NBA is in full swing, so Bleacher Report took a shot at spoofing the show with NBA stars like MVP Kevin Durant, Head cheerleader Derrick Rose, King Flop LeBron James, and more.

Also artist Alijah Villain drew some very cool looking pics of NBA players of Game of Thrones characters (H/T

So we combined both the video and the pictures into an NBA Game of Thrones madness. It’s like an NBA Red Wedding, except you won’t get beheaded here. Maybe.

You can see the pictures below the video and on the pages afterwards.

First the video…where LeBron fears a coming danger:

(Video via

They have Dragons, and something more powerful than any Dragon: Joey Crawford.

Continuing with the NBA Game of Thrones madness, Alijah designed LeBron, Kobe, Durant and more as Game of Thrones characters (see them all by clicking the page numbers at the bottom), so we present them to you with a couple jokes about each player involved.

There’s 10, but they aren’t ranked. They could all be #1.

As usual, the captions on the pics are ours, but the pics are Alijah’s.


Steph Curry


As if Curry wasn’t deadly enough, now he’s got a sword.

Just imagine Steph Curry with a sword, it’ll probably catch fire when he uses it.

At least here he doesn’t have any teammates or analyst turned coach to not listen to, he can just kick your ass and be done with it.

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