GIF: Florida runs the “tackle your own kick returner” play


At one point this season, the Florida Gators were the number 10 team in the country. Seriously, this season, specifically in the pre-season. Reason #1028498984356 that the pre-season polls and pre-season poll idea needs to be torched and the earth salted so that it never returns again.

The Gators have fallen pretty far since that pre-season Top 10 ranking. Last week, in the process of losing to FCS School Georgia Southern, Florida was blocking each other on run plays:

After a while, that gets boring. Plus you can’t block on defense. So what’s the only natural follow up to blocking each other?

Yes. Tackling each other, as Florida did on a 3rd quarter kickoff against Florida State:


(GIF/pic via

Again, great form. If only Florida’s intra-squad scrimmages counted as real games, they might be headed to a bowl this season.

Remember: The Gators have already announced that Will Muschamp is coming back for more next season. Can’t wait! *Bart Scott voice*

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