Fun with GIFs: Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez? You decide.


Check these GIFs. This is what Rex Ryan has (maybe had, now) to choose from…could you come to a conclusion and not be wrong?

First, Mark Sanchez against the Lions:


That’s a Mark Sanchez classic throw. Arguably no one does it better.

Now, Geno Smith against the Giants:


That’s special talent right there. How did he not go in the first?

Now Mark Sanchez against the Giants:


That there is…well…the New York Jets in one GIF.

(GIFs via @SBNationGIF)


But if this question were on a multiple choice test, this would be the part where you rip up the test, take the remnants outside and set them on fire, and accept that you’re going to fail no matter what. Luckily for Rex, the choice may have been made for him with Mark’s injury. Or they could just put on first down: Or they could bring back Tebow after the Patriots cut him. Come up with the most extreme scenario you can think of, and rest assured, Rex Ryan will give it a shot at some point.


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