GIF: Amare Stoudemire channels his inner Dikembe Mutombo


It’s been a hilariously painful year for the Knicks. But yet, they are STILL in the playoff chase, thanks to playing in the Eastern Conference…the worst conference in professional sports.¬†Seriously, if there were a conference power rankings, it would rate below conferences from the NBADL and the WNBADL. It’s bad. (It’s probably setup that way to make it easier on the Heat, but we digress.)

They took on the Cavs, another team that has been living #TheStruggle this season but yet is alive and fighting for a playoff spot, likely thanks to Ava Devine offering up her divine goodies for a playoff spot.

At one point Tristan Thompson tried to dunk on Amare and it…didn’t quite work out as planned.


(GIF via @BeyondTheBuzzer)

Uh oh Tristan, Ava’s not gonna like this one.

But not bad Amare. Dikembe, your thoughts?


Sorry Amare, looks like Dikembe still wins. At least you tried.

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