GIF: Andre Iguodala shows the Clippers his shocked face


When the Warriors and Clippers were matched up for the playoffs, the last thing people were expecting was defense (well no, the last thing people would expect is DeAndre Jordan to make a free throw, but that’s a constant thing).

When guys can’t play defense, they tend to rack up a lot of fouls, unless they play for the Miami Heat.

Andre Iguodala wound up with 4 first half fouls against the Clippers. FOUR.

As you might imagine, he wasn’t too thrilled about that:


(GIF via @CJZero)

Looks like a typical student reaction after checking his grade: “You mean I got a C? SERIOUSLY? I spent so much time on that paper. What the fu…”

The eTrade baby would be proud:

eTrade baby: “You mean you got screwed by NBA refs? I want to show you something…it’s my shocked face. WHOAAAAAA.”

Now Iguodala knows how Quincy Miller felt:

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