GIF: Andrea Bargnani with the airball…on a dunk attempt.


Welcome to your nightly “what did the Knicks screw up this time?” GIF. Our first contestant hails originally from the Toronto Raptors, and is in his first season with the New York Knicks. You might remember him from other such films as “Dude what the hell are you doing?” ( and “You’re defending LeBron? Hahahah good luck!” (

Ladies and gentlemen…Andrea Bargnaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

What did Andrea do? Well he tried to fly. Maybe it would’ve worked better if he jumped off the roof:


(GIF via

So close Andrea. So close.

This guy was the first overall pick in the draft. Even Kwame Brown and Michael Olowokandi are laughing at that.

All Knicks highlights need to have this playing in the background from now on:

Much better.

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