GIF: Bartolo Colon, Hitting Streak Now At 2 Games, Eyes Triple Crown


Once you get Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon on a roll, there is no stopping him. Literally. If you see him rolling your way, avoid him at all costs because he is the equivalent to the X-Men’s Juggernaut. In fact, there are many appropriate uses of the phrase “on a roll” in relation to Colon, but it surprisingly applies to hitting as well. After not getting a hit since he was a scrawny boy of only 287 pounds, he is now in possession of a two game hitting streak.


(GIF courtesy MLB’s Cut4)

With confidence now in his back pocket (presumably next to a turkey leg), he has his sights set on on the Triple Crown – not the pitcher’s stats of wins, ERA and strikeouts, but hitting stats batting average, home runs and RBI. What few know is that this would not be his first Triple Crown. Our researchers at NOTSportsCenter have uncovered photographic proof.


We like Colon’s chances for a second Triple Crown. After all, when has anyone ever been able to deny Bartolo seconds?


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