GIF: Bartolo Colon Shakes Tummy, Hypnotizes A Nation


Babe Ruth finally got his revenge on Hank Aaron….via fellow fat baseball player Bartolo Colon. Wait….what?!?

That’s right. On the 40th anniversary of Hammerin’ Hank breaking the Sultan of Swat’s career home run record, the Gelatinous Journeyman shut down the Braves amidst the franchise’s celebration of home run #715.

Speaking of celebrations, Colon was quite jolly in the dugout following his Babe Ruth-ian (circa 1916) effort.


GIF courtesy @CespedesBBQ

Watch it wiggle. See it jiggle. B-A-R-T-O-L-O!

It is the happiest Colon has looked since he signed with the Mets during the offseason.

[tweet width=”600″]

We now know the secret to Colon’s enduring success: hypnotism. In the same way that one’s eyes are instinctively drawn to a shimmering bowl of delicious Jello, most hitters find it difficult to tear their eyes away from the trembling stomach of the Mets pitcher. It is a tactic that will undoubtedly have Colon still pitching effectively 10 years and 140 pounds from now.


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