GIF: Bears DE Lamarr Houston tears ACL celebrating…down by 25


The Chicago Bears had a meltdown of epic proportions in New England. It was so bad it actually made the 2012 Thanksgiving Jets look not so bad, even without a buttfumble to show for it. Yeah…it was THAT bad.

Here’s a in-game look:

The only thing missing was an iceberg.

Well, Bears DE Lamarr Houston decided to make up for the missing iceberg and buttfumble.

Despite not getting within 15 miles of Tom Brady, he somehow managed to sack Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo. And decided to celebrate, down by 25 (and it wasn’t even that close).

And as anybody with a brain could tell you…that was a bad idea. And he paid for it.


(GIF via

Houston tore his ACL doing this, and is now out for the season. Real man of genius.

If this looks familiar, it’s because Lions LB Stephen Tulloch did almost the exact same thing, except he wasn’t down by 25 (Vine:

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