GIF: Billy Hamilton’s swing makes Tom Emanski cry


They say you can’t steal first, but Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton may want to look into changing that old adage if this is the kind of swing we are going to get out of the speedster.


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We recommend that whenever Hamilton has two strikes, he leave the bat behind and get a great jump out of the batters box in hopes the catcher will drop the called third strike and he will beat the throw to first. It seems like there is a better chance of that happening that him actually getting a two-strike base hit.

Meanwhile, teammates have mounted a TV and DVD player in Hamilton’s locker with Tom Emanski Baseball Videos on a permanent loop. They have also registered him to be a part of a Jay Bruce youth baseball camp in late July in hopes that he can pick up some batting tips either from his fellow Cincinnati outfielder of some of the 8th graders in attendance.

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