GIF: Brendan Smith thinks twice about fighting Zdeno Chara


Boston — After losing Game 1, the Boston Bruins needed to regroup and remind the hockey world that they weren’t to be taken lightly.

Detroit needs to remember that it’s too early to be cocky.

Trailing in the second period, Red Wings forward Brendan Smith decided to engage in the time-honored tradition of picking a fight with the opposing team in order to boost morale.

Too bad he chose to pick a fight with Zdeno Chara.


(GIF via @MyRegularFace)

It’s a good thing the referee grabbed Smith and dragged him away, because if Chara had got a hold of him, they could have repainted the red lines on the ice with Smith’s blood. I get that Detroit is considered the underdog in this series, but that doesn’t mean they need to pick on a guy that that dwarfs you. That’s like Tyrion Lannister trying to take on Khal Drogo. (Hey, look, two jokes at once!)


Suffice to say, Brendan Smith almost made a really bad decision. But hey, the series is still young…

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