GIF: Brewers Pitchers Now Getting Drunk Before Games


Yovani Gallardo is the undisputed leader of the Brewers pitching staff. One need look no further than his impact on teammate Wily Peralta to confirm that. Like Gallardo, the young hurler has apparently taken to drinking heavily.  However, instead of waiting until after the game, he hit the sauce before the game.  Furthermore, while he was (thankfully) not behind the wheel of a car, he was in front of thousands in attendance at Fenway Park and millions watching on TV to see the defending champs receive their World Series rings.


(GIF courtesy @PeteBlackburn)

In attempting to make an impression on the staff ace, he ended up making an impression on the Fenway Park turf. By falling on his face, Peralta magnificently summed up both the Brewers’ 2013 season and, quite likely, what to expect from them in 2014.  It is no surprise that one of their newest acquisitions is not amused:


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