GIF: Bryce Harper Benched For Not Hustling


Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is a hard-nosed player who hustles every pitch of every game….until he’s not.

Major League Baseball’s top executives are so eager to make him their top superstar that they took time away from dry humping the Bryce Harper Fatheads on the walls of their offices to instruct their multimedia department to make a pretentious video inserting him in classic clips alongside the likes of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Nolan Ryan and Carlton Fisk.

The video states, “He already looks like a legend.” See for yourself.

This was his legendary look for the remainder of that game.

So make sure you hold on to any program you may have from any game this legend plays in. In fact, if you happen to have a program from this particular game in which Harper was benched for a lack of hustle, you have quite a keepsake.

“NOTHING BUT HUSTLE”. The only more ironic program covers in Major League Baseball would be the Brewers focusing on Carlos Gomez’ graduation from anger management classes and the Mets sharing Bartolo Colon’s diet tips.

Then again, the Nationals’ program is only ironic because of what we DON’T see. A Photoshop error caused some of the text to be covered by Harper’s body. Here is the program as it was actually intended.


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