GIF: Cards 1B Matt Adams Pushes Fan, Claims N-Word Used


St Louis Cardinals first baseman and Paul Bunyan cosplay enthusiast Matt Adams found himself in an ugly situation during a game in Cincinnati today. After flopping towards the first base stands while ineffectively trying to make a play, Adams was seen shoving a Reds fan, who responded by letting Pugsley Matt Adams know that he is #1.


GIF courtesy @MLBRT

Cardinals PR were quick to come to his defense, pointing out that Adams told them the fan called him the N-word. If true, it would be the latest in a long, unfortunate line of athlete-fan fracases initiated by such hate speech. Of course, it would also be the first involving a white athlete being called the N-word.

“This kind of behavior by any fan is completely reprehensible and should not be tolerated,” Cardinals manager Matt Matheny told reporters after the game. “Matt was hurt emotionally. Even big, ugly white men have feelings.”

When it was clarified later on in the press conference that the fan actually referred to Adams as a Neanderthal, not the other N-word, Matheny changed his tune: “Neanderthal? Oh. Well, that’s actually pretty accurate.”

Stopped by members of the media before leaving the stadium, Matt Adams finally addressed the matter publicly:


“Matt only pawn in game of life.” – Matt Adams

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