GIF: Carl Crawford’s Sliding Technique Needs Work


The fundamentals of sliding are more complex than they may seem. A base runner may choose to slide on his chest or on his back and butt, then attempts to do so effectively, yet safely. Nonetheless, you would think it would be pretty obvious to a professional baseball player – especially a 12 year veteran – not to slide on his face.

Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford cares not for the fundamentals of baseball.


(GIF via Cut 4)

Crawford’s slide was so bad that even his helmet said, “Screw this bozo. I’m outta here!”

On the plus side, he was not out. Of course, it was a foul ball, so he was not safe either. The slide was as unnecessary as it was hilarious. We cannot blame Crawford for wanting to get a head start, though, considering Yasiel Puig was at the plate, who was likely to catch him somewhere near third base and try to ride him to home plate like a horse.

In an effort to raise a generation of baseball players who are free from facial scabs resulting from such poor fundamentals, NOTSportsCenter has teamed with Hall of Famer Joe Morgan to publish an updated edition of Baseball for Dummies featuring a new section entitled “How to avoid sliding on your face”.


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