GIF: Carmelo Anthony isn’t impressed by the Knicks


Remember when the Knicks had won 5 games in a row and life seemed like it didn’t quite suck as much as used to playing for them? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Since then the Knicks have lost 4 games in a row, by a combined 75 points and are playing once again like they might finish 6th…in Conference USA.

Against the Nets, everyone left Deron Williams wide open to pop a 3. (The Knicks? Struggle to play D? The HELL you say.)

This was Carmelo’s reaction:


(GIF via

You ready to sign that extension yet Carmelo? *crickets*

If there’s one thing the Knicks have been this season, it’s a barrel of comedic GIFs and videos.

Including Amare Stoudemire’s pass to no one:, Carmelo’s disgust at the thought of playing another game:, Andrea Bargnani’s mind blowingly dumb shot: and Amare’s attempt at playing defense that was even worse than this:

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