GIF: Central Michigan’s punter gets demolished while trying to tackle


Punters are people too, at least that’s what Rich Eisen will have you believe. Nobody thinks about them unless they screw something up. They get about 8 snaps a game or so, kick the ball and then it’s immediately back to the bench where no one acknowledges them until the next time they’re needed.

Well when returners break loose, sometimes punters try to tackle. It usually winds up in comedy.

In the case of Pat McAfee for the Colts last year, that ended very painfully for the returner (

Well Central Michigan’s punter thought he’d get tough with Purdue’s returner like McAfee did. In this case, that was a mistake.

A big mistake.


(GIF via

Ouch. Now if you see punters running away from contact with their arms flailing like 12 year old girls, you’ll know why.

For more fun with college punters, check out San Jose state’s punter attempting to fight an entire team basically:


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