GIF: White Men Can’t Jump- 2014 edition, starring Cody Zeller


It’s the last year of the Bobcats, so we have to enjoy them before they become the Hornets or Speckled Llamas or whatever name they want to change to as part of their 2014 New Year’s resolution ( and perhaps actually start being less hilarious.

Normally Blake Griffin is the one posterizing people on dunks. Cody Zeller decided to try to do it to him instead. It uh…didn’t work out so well.

He almost airballed a dunk:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Womp womp.

But dunks aren’t the only thing Cody misses on New Year’s:

The two could be related. Better get some Skechers Shape Ups Cody. Really work those calves. Chicks love calves. Or something.

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