GIF: Cris Carter Is Bad At The Ice Bucket Challenge


Three members of ESPN’s “NFL Live” – Cris Carter, Chris Berman and Keyshawn Johnson – took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week (though Berman initially agreed because he thought it was the KFC Bucket Challenge). One of them missed their head. Shockingly, it wasn’t Berman, who took took the bulk of his uncoordinated colleague’s ice water as well as his own. Take a look as Cris Carter’s bucket goes back, back, back, back over his head.


(GIF courtesy Deadspin)

Carter essentially took the Ice Dixie Cup Challenge yet was still gasping for air like he had just jumped out of a sauna directly onto the 50 yard line at Lambeau field in the middle of January. Berman gave the Carter a little shove before looking like he was about to walk off like Fred Sanford simulating a heart attack.

Michael Irvin and his wife have offered to help Carter get the Ice Bucket Challenge done right, though instead of ice water, we suspect that bucket will be filled with a solid block of ice.

Of course, it really should come as no surprise when someone from ESPN struggles with anything having to do with ice. After all, they have been mishandling hockey for years.


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