GIF: Cubs fan steals his baby’s drink


As we mentioned before while watching the Cubs screw up something as simple as rolling out a tarp, the Cubs are a perfectly good excuse to become an alcoholic. We weren’t aware that it would drive adults to drink from baby bottles.

During a Cubs game against the Giants (it could be something about the Giants too), a camera was scanning the crowd (because it was more exciting than watching the home team get walloped 8-3) and saw this happen.

(GIF via @MLBGIFs)

We’re pretty sure this man will not win father of the year. For one, he is making his child watch a Cubs game.

Last we checked, that alone was grounds for an Eighth Amendment Violation against cruel and unusual punishment.

Considering the Cubs’ involvement, it wouldn’t be surprising if that bottle was filled with hard liquor. I mean, how else does one get through a blowout at Wrigley?

And would anyone really be surprised if a Cubs fan was feeding his infant whiskey?

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