GIF: Diamondbacks’ Martin Prado Headbutted By Arizona Fan


What does having home field advantage mean to an athlete. For most, it is a raucous crowd pumping them up in hopes of victory. For the last place Arizona Diamondbacks, it is simply not being physically assaulted by fans. Well, there goes the Snakes’ home field advantage. With third baseman Martin Prada tracking a ball into the stands, one perplexed fan decided that the best way to avoid the falling object would be to duck head first towards the oncoming fielder.


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To be fair, this fan appeared to be like most others at Chase Field: bewildered, confused and uncertain as to why or how they even ended up at a Diamondbacks game in the first place. As for Prado, with his team trailing 3-0 in the top of the 9th, he had to be shocked just to find out there were still fans at the game.

And because they are the Diamondbacks, the batter (the San Francisco’s Joe Panik) would end up doubling in the Giants’ final run in a 4-1 victory.


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