GIF: Down Goes McCann! Down Goes McCann!


Memo to MLB players: do not come near Brian McCann anywhere around home plate unless he specifically permits you to do so. That includes teammates.

Last season, we saw the Unofficial Steward of Baseball’s Unwritten Rules unapologetically obstruct the unpopular Carlos Gomez from touching home plate during his unabashed home run trot (NOTE: this sentence brought to you by 7UP – the Uncola!). In case you forgot, here is a look back at Sir Brian standing guard over his pentagonal kingdom.


(GIF via @yankeesgifs)

As luck would have it, in recent Spring Training game, Yankees third baseman and soon-to-be Wal Mart greeter Dean Anna made the mistake of venturing too close to McCann’s private sector. The young prospect finally did what so many others in the game have wanted to do: topple the pretentious catcher.


(GIF via @EyeOnBaseball)

It was a hilarious result….well, for everyone but Anna. McCann bypassed the entire Yankees front office to call the commissioner immediately after the game to notify him that Anna had not only been released from the team but, for scuffing his facemask by tripping over it, banned from baseball indefinitely.

Thank you, Dean Anna. You will be missed.

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