GIF: Eli Manning’s #ManningFace is definitely ready for the season


The first game of the NFL preseason usually doesn’t bring much. Especially when the Giants and Bills get together and doof around all over the football field. But hey it’s football. And any kind of mild tie to football >>>> any other sport.

Additionally, when it’s the Giants, it means Eli. And when it’s Eli it means two things.

1. Turnovers. Second series, Eli was sacked and fumbled and the Bills recovered. Check.

2. #ManningFace Eli’s going to make some strange face that gets the world’s attention.

Watch this, and then check the second one off:


(GIF via

How many times do we have to tell you Eli, don’t eat your boogers. They don’t taste like chicken, contrary to what you might think.

Imagine this face on every NFL logo. You can see what that would look like by going here:

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