GIF: Finnish women’s basketball player lays the smack down


Normally when you think women’s basketball, you think layups. Lots of layups (and yet they’d still have a better dunk contest than the NBA). But as the NBA is trying to tell the world by whoring Skylar Diggins out to every public event possible, there’s more to women’s basketball than 8 attempts to make a layup.

In Finland apparently, there’s a lot more. Shanel Harrison decided she didn’t like Niina Laakso’s something…so she decided to let her know. With her fist. It was so bad she’s been since kicked off the team.

Here comes the boom…y’all don’t really want it now, do you?

Niina definitely didn’t:


That’s a play Metta World Ron WTFLOL Artest Peace would be proud of.

Here’s video of the play:

(GIF/video via

Mix this kind of action in with the WNBA and you might get more than 6 viewers per game.

Probably get at least 7. Maybe 8.

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