GIF: Flipz Donating $100 For Every Foot of Puig’s HR Bat Flips


Pretty soon, the only people getting salty over Yasiel Puig’s exaggerated bat flips may his sponsors. Flipz – the manufacturer of a variety of chocolate covered pretzels – has agreed to donate $100 for every foot the Dodger outfielder flips his bat after home runs to the USA Gymnastics. It’s “Flips for Flips from Flipz”! Puig’s latest lumber toss netted the young gymnasts $600.


(GIF courtesy

The United States gymnastics program is so grateful for the contributions that they will begin referring to the “backflip with a full twist” as a “Yasiel flip” do to the similarity a gymnast has during the move to a bat leaving Puig’s hand.

With even greater incentive, Puig’s bat flips are expected to be even more grandiose than they ever had been. Stadium ushers throughout the league have been instructed to evacuate the first five rows behind the third base dugout when he steps up to the plate.

The success of this program will inevitably spawn imitators. Procter & Gamble – makers of Head & Shoulders shampoo – is considering making a donation for each foot around the base Bryce Harper runs without a helmet.

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