GIF: Georgia Tech P Sean Poole attempts a fake punt and…WHAM.


A bowl game on a Monday afternoon between two 7-5 teams can’t be expected to really produce much excitement, but what it can produce is hilarity. The “If you needed an excuse to call in sick because you didn’t really want to be back at work after the holiday this is a sort of decent one” Bowl was no exception.

Georgia Tech was trailing in the 3rd quarter and decided to get a little tricky. After all, what did they have to lose besides this bowl most of them didn’t care about?

4th down came and Sean Poole lined up to punt for the Yellow Jackets. But wait…it’s a FAKE!

He’s running…running…and…


(GIF via

Awwwww. Ole Miss’ thoughts on this can be summed up by this:

The ACC strikes again. Good thing they’ve got Florida State.

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