GIF: Goalie completely whiffs on clearout kick


One would think that being a goalkeeper in soccer would be a pretty easy gig considering how little scoring there is in the sport despite the large goal they are charged with defending.

We are not certain this GIF contradicts that by showing how difficult the position really is or reaffirms that it is actually so easy that it is where teams tend to hide their most uncoordinated player, like right field in little league or center for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Goalkeeper¬†Dimitrios Konstantopoulos had the ball roll right to him and ran up to clear it out and it….didn’t go so well.


(GIF via

Still a better kicker than Billy Cundiff.

They lost on this goal given up thanks to his “kick.” Thankfully, Konstantopoulos plays in England’s Premier League and not some South American association where reports would just now be surfacing of him being drawn and quartered in the middle of the pitch.

Still, it was such an embarrassing blunder that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could be overheard recommending to Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore that soccer consider eliminating kicking altogether.

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  1. Alec


    this isn’t the Premier League. it’s the second division league, The Championship… there’s a reason why QPR got relegated to the Championship and this just shows it.

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