GIF: Iman Shumpert puts Paul Pierce on the floor


It’s been a long, long, LONG season for the Knicks that has finally, mercifully been taken outback and put out of its’ misery. Given the opportunity to play as the Walking Dead for 2 games, the Knicks decided to take advantage.

No, they didn’t eat anyone, but if they had, it might’ve been less painful to watch for Nets fans.

Paul Pierce, who normally fakes an injury at every possible moment, including in line at the grocery store, tried to cover Iman Shumpert.

He ended up covering the floor, with his body.


(GIF via

At least Paul won’t have to fake any injuries when he’s dead. RIP.

For once we get to laugh with the Knicks instead of at them (which is about as rare as the blood moon). If you prefer to laugh at them, you can do that by checking out our 10 funniest Knicks GIFs/Videos of the year:

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