GIF: Inside the mind of Tony Romo when he drops back to pass


When Tony Romo does something stupid at the end of the game to ice yet another 8-8 season for the Cowboys, many fans wonder what the hell it is that goes through his mind when he drops back to pass.

Is there anything IN his mind? Besides pulling hot random blonde singers? (we can’t really blame him for that one)

Yes actually. It’ll explain a lot. If it looks like he’s excited in the pocket, it’s because he is.

And it isn’t because Dez Bryant broke another defender’s ankles.


Capitalizing on this mindset, Romo hooked up with a beautiful pass to Janoris Jenkins for a TD against the Rams.

Unfortunately for the Rams, the fact that they’re the Rams kicked in in the second half. That’s the key for Romo to win: don’t give him a halftime lead to blow, and he can’t blow it.

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