GIF: Johnny Damon Cuts Off Manny Ramirez’ First Pitch


Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Red Sox’ 2004 World Series championship by recreating one of the more memorable Manny Moments in Boston. Actually, it wasn’t really so much recreating as looking like idiots in a staged event that made the acting in “Fever Pitch” look Oscar-worthy.


(GIF courtesy Deadspin)

Thankfully, many in attendance were distracted by the pair’s haircuts. It looks like they got a two-for-one deal during amateur night at Supercuts.

For reference, here is the video of the original play.

[iframe src=’’ width=’400′ height=’224′ frameborder=’0′]

Damon has to be thankful to Manny for the idiotic cutoff because it completely overshadowed his own stupidity (seen at the :37 mark of the above video) of jumping at the wall despite not only being unaware of where the ball is but not even having his glove turned the right way. Johnny being Johnny.


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