GIF: Josh McCown fumbles, throws INT in same play


With the early set of games having come to exciting (for the most part) conclusions, the NFL world has set their sights on the afternoon slate as we wait for Manning vs. Luck.

While most everyone has seen (and mocked) Tony Romo throwing 3 interceptions in the first half against the 49ers, there was a far greater (worse?) display of suck in the Buccaneers-Panthers game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Josh McCown.

Buccaneers' Josh McCown Throws Absolutely Terrible Interception Against Panthers

(GIF via Bleacher Report)

Wow, that was bad. Romo may be “throw three picks in a half” bad, but he isn’t “fumble and throw a pick on the same play” bad. Maybe. We’ll find out as the second half starts. Sorry, Bucs fans. Looks like the Josh McCown the Bears had last year didn’t come to Tampa.

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