GIF: Kelly Olynyk takes an elbow to the face…from his teammate


It’s been a wild year for the Celtics, mainly because Rajon Rondo is somehow actually still on the team. Nobody’s really sure who is on the rest of the roster, besides the ex Mr. Kardashian, and the second woman in history to play in the NBA (behind Joakim Noah), Kelly Olynyk.

Well, as Kim Kardashian taught us, playing with Kris Humphries isn’t much fun. Kelly Olynyk found out the hard way.

Kelly went up for a rebound, and then this happened:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Ouch. If Kris treats women like that, no wonder Kim divorced him. Scumbag.

But wait…was that a flop? That’ll get LeBron to the line in his next game for sure. Yes, he didn’t actually play in this game but since when did that ever stop them?

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