GIF: Klay Thompson eats Kyle Singler’s soul via dunk


When the random white guy that nobody is sure how he’s even on the team winds up playing defense, you’re usually going to be in trouble. For the Pistons, that was indeed the case against the Warriors.

Klay Thompson decided to pass up a jumper and actually try to dunk the ball for the first time in his life, likely realizing that with Singler attempting to block hin, he’d probably look like some kind of Michael Jordan/LeBron James combination.

It wasn’t too far off:


Looks like Kyle Singler may need life alert.

The bench was rather excited to see Thompson actually dunk the ball for once:


See Singler? He’s uh…not in good shape.

Check the video below to find out his final fate:

(GIFs, Video via

Don’t worry Kyle, if they manage to save you, you’ve got that Duke degree to fall back on. You can still be these guys’ accountant.

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