GIF: Lakers F Nick Young celebrates a three he missed


If you weren’t bored enough to put on the game between the Lakers and Knicks, you missed some major hilarity. Like the Knicks giving up more points in the third quarter (51) than they did in the first half (50).

Or the Knicks losing by 31 to a team that started these guys:

Imagine Kobe at Starbucks, he wouldn’t be able to stop adding extra shots. 64 shots of espresso is good for your heart, right?

Also, that 51 point third quarter wasn’t without consequences:

Rough, but at least Carmelo finally has a chance to win a ring.

With everyone and their mother scoring on the Knicks (even Wilt Chamberlain was credited with points during that 3rd quarter) everyone on the Lakers was in ultra swag mode including Swaggy P himself, Nick Young.

At one point Swaggy got his swag on after taking a 3 pointer, not even waiting to see what happened to it.

There was one problem. He didn’t make it.


(GIF via @CJZero)

Young: “I got this baby, you can’t guar…awwww man.”

Reminded us of Pistons G Brandon Jennings who posed for a three earlier this year that he nearly airballed:

Imagine Young as a baseball player, he’d be flipping his bat after striking out. Oh wait…LA has already one of those playing for the Dodgers.  #Puiged

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