GIF: Lakers fan does not like what he sees


It hasn’t been an easy year for Lakers, or their fans. To clarify, what we mean by “Laker fans” is the ones that aren’t Thunder/Spurs/Pacers/Heat/AllOfTheAbove fans now (which is probably about 5.)

The team has the talent of a Conference USA team, yet continues to play in the Western Conference and lose and lose and lose and lose some more. Also people getting hurt. They only won a game recently because so many people died that they were out of players and the officials felt sorry for them.

This is who they’ve been starting lately:

Looks a lot like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks’ lineup.

After a matchup with the Bulls that resulted in yet another loss, Bulls C Joakim Noah had a sideline interview.

Lakers fan decided to express his opinion on it, and the Lakers’ season in general:


(GIF via @CJZero)

Laker fan: “BOOOOOO You suck, everyone sucks.” Party on bro.

Maybe he’s telling Joakim Noah she’s number one? Nah, no one would be doing that (except the women that look up to her for being the only woman to play in the NBA.)

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