GIF: LeBron flops twice against the Pistons…in one play.


David Stern is officially gone now, his reign of terror is over. Adam Silver has officially taken over as commissioner of the NBA, with hopes that things were going to be different now. Well, right away, that turned out not to be true:

With Silver so excited about LeBron, that meant odds are, LeBron wasn’t going to give up his favorite past-time: flopping.

Against Pistons C Greg Monroe, LeBron put together one of his best pieces of flop art yet:


(GIF via @corkgaines)

LeBron:  “Ohhh he got me he got me. No call?  Ohhhh he got me again! He got me again! Now you call it. Good, i won’t have to have you fired.”

We’ve since updated the LeBron Top 10 Heat flops to add this bad boy to it. It made the Top 5:

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