GIF: Man abandons his kid to chase a baseball


When the Mets and Marlins get together for a baseball game, you wouldn’t expect many people to be actually paying attention to the actual baseball being played. Especially not at a spring training game, where 99% of the guys on the field will end up playing AA ball by the end of the season.

Well one fan decided to actually watch the baseball after paying his hard earned 50 cents to get in, and when a ball made its’ way over the fence, decided to chase after it.

There was only one problem, he forgot he was holding on to his kid:


(GIF via

As bringing his kid to a Marlins/Mets game wasn’t child abuse enough, he stuck him in a wagon and then abandoned him for a baseball.

When his kid grows up doing blow trying to forget about his childhood, daddy shouldn’t be surprised. He’ll probably be too drunk to notice anyway.

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