GIF: Mets Fan Gets Hilariously Irate Over Routine Pop Up


In another of New York City’s boroughs, fans can barely stay awake at baseball games. That is not the case in Queens, however, where the only thing that rises faster than the Mets’ pitching staff’s ERA is their fans’ blood pressure. Here is one such example where a Mets fan is apparently upset that so many teams are allowed to come into Citi Field and play better than the home team.


(GIF courtesy Deadspin)

This is probably the very same reaction the guy has when Nick’s Pizza forgets to put Italian sausage on his pizza pie or when “Casino” gets preempted by NASCAR on TNT.

Perhaps he was actually just venting his frustration over Bartolo Colon batting 8th yesterday because either a) he was shocked that a pitcher batting .054 on the season was moved up in the order or b) the Mets lineup is so bad that Colon should be batting 3rd.


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