GIF: Mets’ Pitcher Carlos Torres Punches Himself In The Head


For years now, teams across Major League Baseball have become accustomed to beating up on the New York Mets. Mets players are finally fighting back against the one team that they can match up with: the Mets. Specifically, pitcher Carlos Torres decided to see if he could hit himself as hard the Brewers did when he gave up four runs in the 13th inning earlier today.

We have to admit that this is great form. Notice how Torres does not just stick with the right. He mixes in a left at the end. It is outstanding fundamentals and technique – something that cannot be said about his pitching.

We know what you are thinking: ‘That team is awful; this can’t be the first time a Mets player has attempted to beat himself up.’ You are correct. Outfielder Curtis Granderson has routinely tried to punch himself in the head this year but always swung and missed.

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