GIF: Nuggets C Timofey Mozgov is bad at 3 pointers, math


Trailing the Grizzlies by 3 with 7 seconds left, Nuggets C Timofey Mozgov had a chance to tie the game. Why was the ball in his hands? That’s an excellent question, ask Brian Shaw. He probably doesn’t even know.

So Mozgov attempted a 3 that he naturally missed. And got his own rebound with about 4 seconds left. What did he do next? Attempt another 3? Pass to a guy open for a 3? Go Chris Webber and call a timeout you don’t have?

Any of those would’ve been okay compared to what he actually he did, as you’ll be able to see by his teammates’ reactions.


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

And that’ll be the last time he ever touches the ball.

Reminded us of another insane late decision by a guy on a team the Nuggets are very familiar with (because they all play for them now)…the Knicks, ¬†specifically Mr. I have no idea how I was drafted #1 overall Andrea Bargnani:



  1. 'Migs Autocani'


    You remember Bargnani, I remember Martell Webster:

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