GIF: Olga Graf Nearly Won The Olympics


It was nearly the biggest upset in Olympic history since USA’s stunning victory over Russia in the “Miracle on Ice” hockey game. As reported yesterday, Swedish freestyle skier Per Spett had been declared the winner of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. However, judges were prepared to overrule the decision when this Russian vixen revealed herself to the world….

….or ALMOST revealed herself.


GIF courtesy

Honestly, not the Olga we would most like to see “shed her suit on a sheet of ice” (hello, Olga Kurylenko)….

Nonetheless, considering the kind of image most of us have when we hear the name Olga….


we have to admit that Ms Graf’s tease certainly was titillating, but it was not enough to snatch victory away from the Bearded Swede. There may still be hope, however.


The bar has been raised as the zipper has been lowered. Don’t let us down, Lolo.

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  1. Bob Mac adoo


    She forgot oh I’m supposed to be a girl

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