GIF: Pujols, Trout Troll Fernando Rodney’s Bow & Arrow Celebration


No, that was not a plantain in Fernando Rodney’s pants earlier today. He was just excited to get out of a jam with the lead versus the division rival Angels. Naturally, he proceeded with his bow & arrow celebration. There were, however, three problems with his antics:

  1. He “fired” in the direction of the Angels dugout,
  2. It was only the 8th inning,
  3. Mike Trout and Albert Pujols were due up in the 9th.

In the top of the next inning, Rodney’s pitches were about as straight as his hat leading to a walk to Trout. Pujols followed with the game tying double and suddenly the show was on the other foot….or should we say the quiver was on the other back? (OK, maybe we shouldn’t)

To no one’s surprise, Rodney lost the game on the very next batter. If he is going to be that reckless with the fictional bow & arrow, someone is going to have to reign him in and relegate him to an invisible blowgun or an imaginary paper clip and rubber band until he can be trusted.


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