GIF: Raiders WR James Jones fumbles twice in the same play


It’s been a rough yea…deca…well, century for the Oakland Raiders. The Bucs beat them to a bloody pulp in the Super Bowl, and over 10 years later they still haven’t recovered. They’re on the “3 century” rebuilding plan.

Against the Texans, Raiders WR James Jones did something only an Oakland Raider could do.

No, he didn’t pull a gun on anyone, that’s their fans’ job. He fumbled. Twice.

On the same play.


(GIF via

The only thing that would’ve made this pass any better is if Mark Sanchez threw it (problem is it would’ve never made it to James Jones, unless he was on defense).

Hell even the team themselves were mocking him:

Oakland Raiders: Just suck baby.

It might be time to unveil that rookie they traded for this offseason:

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