GIF: Rajon Rondo flops after Hawks dribble into his zip code

Miami Heat Vs. Boston Celtics At TD Garden

It hasn’t been an easy year for the Celtics, with the big retirement home 3 having now moved on to Miami and Brooklyn, leaving Rajon Rondo by himself to kick around water coolers and whoever these guys are that call themselves his “teammates.” Seriously, who are these guys?

It’s been such a tough year that the Celtics can’t even flop right, outside of their entire season in general.

Against the Hawks, Jeff Teague dribbled towards Rajon Rondo and Rondo hit the ground trying to draw a charge. There was one problem though.

Teague didn’t even touch him.


(GIF via

The only thing that would’ve made that better is if Rondo stood up and flexed like in the picture above. David Stern is ready to come out of retirement to fine Rondo for this one.

Stern already helped determine Plumlee’s punishment for blocking LeBron ( so he might as well, clearly Adam Silver needs help. That’s gotta mean some free throws for the Heat too.

Would Rondo’s flop crack LeBron’s Top 10 funniest flops as a member of the Heat? Some tough competition, you decide:  (

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