GIF: Reds’ Billy Hamilton Avoids Tag On First Base Line


Speedster Billy Hamilton has been ridiculous this year. At the beginning of the season, that was not a good thing for the Reds.


(GIF courtesy

Three months later, it is opponents that are looking silly. Leading off yesterday’s game against Pittsburgh, Hamilton looked like the Road Runner to Pirates first baseman Gaby Sanchez’ Wile E Coyote.


(Original GIF courtesy CBS Sports)

It would have surprised no one if a safe had fallen randomly from the sky and crushed Sanchez. We are pretty sure that he still has no idea what happened to Hamilton. Ironically, this play foreshadowed how the game would ultimately end, with the Pirates seemingly having the win in reach holding a 5-1 lead only to let it slip away. Or, to explain it with another GIF…


(Original GIF courtesy GIF Soup)


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