GIF: Redskins players tackle each other


One of our favorite blunders to watch as football fans is when teammates tackle each other. There’s just something so satisfying about watching a player try to make a play only to have his own teammate get in the way and ruin it. (Curse your sudden and unexpected betrayal!)

Well, today’s boring snoozefest of a game that is the Texans and the Redskins (Yes, we will keep using Redskins. Take your militant political correctness and shove it.) finally had an exciting moment when this happened.

Redskins Players Help Texans Out by Running into Each Other

(GIF via Bleacher Report)

It’s not quite Buttfumble 2.0, but we’ll gladly take it. What made it better was right after the two Redskins collided, the one with the ball just gets decked from behind by a Texan. If this is a sign of things to come, it’s gonna be a long season in Washington.

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